Umrah Process 2024 | 2025


All pilgrims must be vaccinated (2 doses) All pilgrims must be over the age of 18 Travellers using tourism visa can enter KSA regardless of their age. However, under 18 will not be allowed inside the Harmain Sharifain. PCR test required prior to travelling Muqeem Form. The passport must be valid for no less than six months from the  date of entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. UK nationals, travelling to Saudi Arabia with any airline, must have completed the two doses of vaccinations at least 14 days before entry into Saudi. Prior to departure,

 the “Muqeem” form will need to be completed at least 24 hours before arriving in KSA. 

They must also have taken a PCR test within 72 hours of their departure from UK. Although a booked PCR for completion on 2nd day of arrival back in UK was mandatory, from October Vaccinated travellers will only need:

A lateral flow test, taken within 48 hours of arriving back in the UK (from late October)
To complete a Passenger Locator Form before returning to the UK.

Arrival in KSA

Upon arrival in the kingdom, standard procedures will apply whereby passengers will need to go through passport control followed by baggage reclaim. At passport control, all the documents will be verified. It is highly recommended that you have printed copies of the forementioned documents in order to ensure a smooth process during this stage. Once you have successfully passed passport control, you will be allowed to collect your baggage and leave the airport.

Before leaving the airport, purchasing a Saudi sim card with data is recommended, not only for communicating but for downloading the apps you will need. Pilgrims are required to have the Tawakkalna app on their phone in order to avoid being subjected to any quarantines in KSA This apps must be activated once the Saudi immigration is cleared.
Once you have activated the app and entered your credentials, the app will display an “immune” status which must be shown when entering any site, shops, hotels, restaurants or any other venue.

Once you have signed up and activated the

Tawakkalna app

you may progress to activating the Eatmarna app
Once that is done you may apply for your Umrah permit.


will automatically detect your arrival date and will not issue the Umrah permit within
72 hours from the time of arrival. It will offer you various slots for you to select
from with each slot allowing you a maximum of three hours to complete your umrah.

If you are travelling on a tourist visa.

If you are in Jeddah, it is best that you proceed to Madina and use the 72 hours of waiting time productively in Masjid Nabawi as there are no restrictions on entering the Haram nor a limit to how long you can spend in the masjid.

If you wish to pray in the Rawdah and/or give salaam to our beloved prophet (saws) you will have to apply for a permit through the Eatmarna app. You can also apply separately for just a salutation visit. The permit is easily acquired and can be applied every day. On the permitted time and date, you will have to join a queue which starts from the north side of the masjid just off the court building or near pullman Zamzam hotel.

Likewise for ladies. For sisters to enter the designated Rawdah, they have to come out of the ladies section (on the left of the masjid) and join queue to be allowed in by the security.


You will make your way to the Haram at the appointed time of the permit. There are 2 entrances into the haram for your umrah. Bab Fahad Gate and from near Bab Malik gate. You will have to enter through the pilgrim’s entrance. As mentioned earlier, you will have 3 hours to complete your Umrah. After the first Umrah is complete, should you wish to perform another Umrah, you will have to wait a minimum of 15 days. Furthermore, currently no nafl tawaf is allowed.

To pray inside the Haram, in Makkah, you must also apply for a permit. This will also be obtained on the Eatmarna app.

Congregational salah permit is for the 1st floor of the Haram only. Other than in the air-conditioned section (King Fahad section), you will be told to leave after the janazah salah following the congregational salah.

The courtyards of the Haram is cordoned off where you will be allowed to sit or pray the congregational salah at or near the salah time. Otherwise you won’t even be allowed into the courtyard unless you are entering for salah or umrah with a valid permit.

All hotels in Makkah are able to apply for umrah permit on behalf of you using your Eatmarna app. However, not many will readily facilitate that unless you are from an Arab country. If you are fortunate, you may get that immediately, however, permits for salah have to be booked by yourself. Likewise, all hotels in Madinah can apply for your Rawdah visit.

If you are travelling on an Umrah Visa, then your UK licensed umrah agent can arrange for the Umrah company in KSA to get your umrah permit for you.


The information below was correct as of 30th Sept 2025 when we visited Saudi Arabia.


1- 72 hours before departure PCR negative report & Muqeem app registration and holding Original and copies with you.
2- Both vaccination should be done before 14 days of your departure and holding certificate Original and Copies with you.
3- E-visa copies at least 2.
4- Unlocked Smart Phone Individuals
5- Buy Saudi Sim card right on Arrival.
6- Download “Eatamarna” app and “Tawakkalna” but put the details on Eatamarna which is for International Pilgrims and Integrated with “Tawakkalna” automatically. But “Tawakkalna” is specifically for Gulf and Middle East (GCC) pilgrims only to be used to apply for umra or salah slot.
7- You can get slots there on “Eatamarna” app for Umrah and Prayers permit and it is user friendly.
8- Daily basis you can get permit for prayers through that app.
9- Only 1 Umrah is allowed on one passport at the moment every 16th day.
10- Wrist bands and gadgets are only allowed for Middle East and Gulf (GCC) pilgrims.
11- Tawakkalna and Eatamarna Apps are usable on arrival in Saudi Arabia through any Sim Card.
You will need to complete the “Muqeem” form, online, downloadable from any Saudi government sites or from Saudi Airline’s website. Without this you will be quarantined for 10 days in a hotel in Saudi Arabia upon your arrival and for which you will be charged.
All applicants must have a suitable android hand set or an iphone for downloading the Tawakkalana app, Ettimarana app for use in Saudi Arabia.
These app has to be activated once the Saudi immigration is cleared.
The app shows “immune” status and which must be shown if and when demanded by any security official. 
Ensure that your phone is always charged. If the battery dies before you enter the Haram, even if you had acquired a permit, you will be turned back.
You can always cancel a permit, be that umra or for salah, at least 4 hours before the permitted time. After an hour, you can apply for a fresh permit again.

Saudi Arabian Airline and any other airliner operating from KSA, eg., Flynas, will not board a pilgrim on Umra Visa intending to disembark in Riyadh and connect to any other destination inside KSA.

An Umra visa holder, flying SV or NasAir, will have to fly to Jedda and connect to other destination such as Madina after going through immigration in Jedda.