بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

What is the Sacred Gift?

COVID-19, PANDEMIC, DEATH, ICU, SUFFERING, PAIN, LOSS OF JOB, HOMELESS. Words we have all unfortunately been accustomed to recently. Some, more than others.
BUT, Alhamdulilah, Allah swt will never test one with more than they can handle and indeed there IS ease after every PAIN.
In these turbulent times, we are proud to launch the SACRED GIFT. A gift so sacred, that by the will of Allah will remedy any pain or sorrow one has suffered. A gift so sacred, that one cannot simply purchase or have except with the invitation of the Almighty Allah swt. A sacred gift in the most sacred of places – Makkah and Madinah.

Who is this campaign for?

Individuals who have gone through some of the most horrific and traumatic experiences of their lives recently; their hardship and difficulties require a long healing process and we want to have the honour of sending these individuals – each who have their own story of loss, hardship and tests on a bespoke ultimate healing umrah journey. This is a gift from the community to aid them on the road to recovery, uplift them spiritually and reconnect them with Allah, the One Who is the Greatest Healer and Giver of Ease.

Selection process

We will appoint a committee that will oversee and carefully go through all nominees. A shortlist will be created and the lucky nominees will be selected.


We have teamed up with Travel Express. One of the most reputable and leading Umrah agencies in the UK to organize this sacred trip.
Our Pre-Tour webinar will be held to fully prepare those who have been selected for the trip of a lifetime.
The tour details will be as follows;
Every individual we aim to take will have survived a challenging experience. Living a life of loneliness, uncertainty, hardship and confusion is a great challenge, and we hope this spiritual journey to the heart of the holiest mosques in Islam will be the ultimate healing they need to overcome the tests of life. We will provide an blog update with videos from the journey to all our donors so you can share in this sacred healing trip. Additional to their Umrah completion (illustrated below) we will also provide a range of motivational and inspiring talks and history based excursions, giving each individual an opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of Makkah and Madinah.
Your donations will bring about a healing for these individuals who have experienced trauma, loss and indeed hardship from their tests. Imagine the reward you will gain from gifting some of these individuals with an spiritually uplifting journey that they need in their life right now more than anything – to be close to Allah and to help them get there is one of the greatest actions you can do.