The Do’s and Don’ts of Umrah 2021

For many Muslims each year, the Umrah they go on will be their first. It can be carried out at any time of year, and Umrah is preferable for those who are not ready for their first Hajj. However, it still requires lots of preparation and planning. Here are some do’s and don’ts for those experiencing Umrah for the first time.

Do: Bring Books

The Quran is the most important thing to have with you when you travel for Umrah, but it can be helpful and interesting to have other books with you that can enlighten you with regards to Umrah, such as The Life of The Prophet (PBUH), The History of Islam or Islamic Philosophy. Not only can it enrich the spiritual experience you have when you are there, it can also help while away the many hours you will spend waiting in airports and hotels as you complete Umrah.

Don’t: Shout, Litter or Behave Anti-Socially
Umrah is a holy time for everyone involved in the sacred pilgrimage, even when you are not at a holy site or taking part in the Umrah rites. For some people, particularly the old or young, this may be the only time they get the chance to make the pilgrimage, and they should not have it spoiled by thoughtless behaviour. It is important to obey the rules and customs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to behave with the respect and love that Muhammad (PBUH) showed.

Do: Plan Where to Pray

While it can be exciting and awe-inspiring to be as close as you can to a holy site, or to a Mosque, as you can get, most of the places you will visit have plenty of room to accommodate the millions of Hajjis who visit every year. For the greatest comfort, it is better to pick a more out of the way spot for your actual prayers once you have viewed the site. It is more comfortable for you and allows others to see the site without the danger of too many worshippers.

Don’t: Pack Light

While it’s a good idea to have as little as possible with you when you’re actually visiting the Holy sites, you should have a hotel room that is well stocked with clothes and provisions to make your Umrah as comfortable as possible. Make sure you have plenty of wet wipes, water, bags, and a variety of veils and shawls to ensure you have appropriate clothes for all weather conditions and occasions.

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