Taking Your Children to the Hajj

The Hajj is an important journey for any Muslim, and an increasingly bigger number of families perform it with their families. It can be quite a spiritual and positive experience to go with your children, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Although taking your children with you is a wonderful experience, children are more fragile and prone to suffering from sunstroke and illnesses and the appropriate precautions need to be taken.


First Steps

The first step is to teach your children about the Hajj when they’re old enough. Teach them about its importance and what it entails so when they undertake this spiritual trip, they are both motivated and excited.

Before travelling, don’t forget to make sure that your children have the relevant immunizations done and that you have any prescriptions that your children will need during the Hajj.

Hydration is Key

Important for anyone but particularly for children, make sure to stock up on plenty of fluids and water bottles. Avoiding dehydration will make sure that your children keep healthy and in good spirits, and with decreased chance of sunstroke.


As the Hajj often includes being in uncovered spaces, sunscreen is vital for your children. Protecting their skin is, as you know, extremely important, so make sure to pack appropriate sunscreen that has a high factor for maximum protection.

First Aid

Alongside necessary prescriptions, a first aid kit will keep you ready for any eventuality. Children can often fall or get a scrape, and having plasters and antiseptic at hand can be a big difference. Cough syrup, for example, is another medication you might want to keep at hand in case.

Light Clothing

Having several outfit changes for the duration of the Hajj might seem excessive, but you’ll be glad to be able to change your children’s clothing when you want after a hot day. These outfits need to be loose and lightweight, preferably made of cotton.

Although the weather is typically hot, there’s the chance of cold days during the pilgrimage. Be prepared for these days – or evenings – and pack clothing that will keep your little ones warm.

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