Preparing for Hajj 2020

Hajj 2020

Hajj is one of the most important events in any Muslim’s life, as it is part of the Five Pillars that each Muslim should abide by throughout their life. However, going on the Hajj pilgrimage isn’t something that you can prepare for in a week or two; it takes time and a lot of planning. So, here is a list of things that you can do when preparing for your Hajj pilgrimage.

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The Hajj pilgrimage, this year, will start at the very end of August, giving you around six and a half months to prepare. In this time, one of the most important things you should do is to start saving money for the pilgrimage.

Flying to Makkah can create a hole in your finances, so make sure that you save enough money to cover the travel costs, as well as ensuring you have enough money to buy certain items to remember your once in a lifetime experience. With this in mind, make sure to look around for the best Hajj packages.

Make Sure You Are Physically Fit during Hajj

Saudi Arabia is a tough country to live in terms of the temperature and humidity. Performing the Hajj pilgrimage can be a physically demanding journey, especially in the summer time and walking miles to various destinations.

Because of this, you need to make sure that you are physically fit for the journey of a lifetime. If you really wanted, you could start a training regime so that you can ensure you are physically ready for Hajj. Also, make sure to get a medical check-up before you go on the pilgrimage – this include a general check or getting the correct vaccines – to ensure that your body is in top condition.

Talk to others have already Performed Hajj

When going on such a spiritual journey, you need to know as much information as possible so that you can understand every important aspect of the pilgrimage. You can make a formal appointment by phone or in person with someone that has performed Hajj.

This meeting can provide you with tips, general, and practical advice that you might not find in guidebooks that you can buy. The first-hand experience of the Hajj pilgrimage is more important and authentic than if you were to read it in a book.


The last thing you need to remember is that Hajj isn’t just a holiday. Hajj is a spiritual journey that needs the utmost care, attention, and consideration throughout. Make sure to make Dua while on the pilgrimage, as it is a profound act of worship and is the very essence of it.


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