Preparing for an Unforgettable Hajj 2021

Every year, millions of Muslims undertake the journey of their lifetime – the Hajj. Due to the importance of the Hajj, you should not take lightly the preparations needed. In preparing for your pilgrimage, both spiritually and practically, you will ensure a truly special time. Allah picked you to visit His House and your mission is to ensure that you are completely ready for this illustrious act of worship.

Mental Preparation

To ensure you make the most out of your journey, you should learn and gather knowledge about the rituals of Hajj. Reflecting on the wisdom behind the acts of worship and reading about other experiences of those who have previously made the journey will assist you in visualizing the rituals in action.

Distractions in life are plenty, and they are also present during the Hajj. Try to minimize them as much as you can by setting goals for yourself before the trip starts. Ask Allah to help you and guide you during this important journey. A positive attitude and the determination to fulfil the worship are also factors that will aid you.

Muslim pilgrims are revolving around Kaaba in Mecca Saudi Arabia.

Physical Preparation

The Hajj is a physically demanding journey with a lot of walking and standing. Before embarking on the Hajj, make sure that you get in shape by walking regularly in the weeks before. You can boost your immune system by taking a teaspoon of honey in your tea and by trying to avoid contact with someone you know is ill.

Keeping hydrated is vital during your journey; drink water from the well of Zamzam in Mecca and take healthy snacks with you. Making a list before you depart is always a sure way of knowing you don’t forget anything.

Spiritual Preparation

Your spiritual preparation is just as important as the mental and physical ones. The Hajj is a surrendering of the heart to Allah with absolute submission and an intense act of worship with spiritual significance.

The Hajj is a journey of a lifetime, and you should prepare yourself fully to undertake it. Look at your flaws and personal weaknesses. Make tawbah for your sins and your weaknesses. When going to Hajj, you should do so with the intention to put an end to the sins that you struggle with. Surround yourself with good companionship and with those who take the Hajj for what it is – the journey of a lifetime you may only experience once, to fulfil the obligation of Hajj and surrender before Allah.

Islamic Holy Place

The Hajj is an ongoing journey where you begin the lessons of patience, complete submission, and physical sacrifice. You should contemplate the Hajj and take it back home so that you are in life as you are on Hajj.

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