Maintaining Spirituality After Hajj

In a couple of days, the pilgrimage of Hajj will be over and people will return home, back to the reality of family life, work and other responsibilities. Even though it’s over, you get to return home to loved ones, not only with many precious memories but also with a multitude of lessons learnt from the spiritual journey you’ve been on, and a sense of elevated spirituality.

When you arrive home, it can be easy to slip back into old habits, an environment of hardship and laziness, and despite all the wonderful gains from the past week, maintaining a spiritual high under these circumstances can seem difficult, however, it is not impossible.

But with both the journey and the high of Hajj over, how do you keep the spirit alive and with you always?

Be Realistic

It would be a significant request for pilgrims to keep the same level of worship that was had through Hajj, as life gets in the way. According to Hadith, in Allah’s estimation, the most honoured deeds are those which are consistent, however, this isn’t fully possible when work, life and other responsibilities are in the way.

If you can keep a few small and manageable acts of worship and do them as consistently as possible and sincerely. Be realistic with the spiritual goals you set, and try to stick to them.

Show Gratitude

Allah promises that if you are grateful, he will give you more. Through showing earnest gratitude for your journey, you could earn an invitation to attend again.

“And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favour]; but if you deny, indeed, my punishment is severe.” [Qur’an: Chapter 14, Verse 7]

Even though it is sad to leave Makkah, the stunning surroundings and the Grand Mosque, don’t leave your feelings down to nostalgia and emotional yearning. Appreciate what you have experienced through your actions and strive to live your best life, as close to Allah as you can.

Pelting the Jamaraat

Always keep in mind the spiritual significance that pelting the jamaraat has. After Shaytaan was humiliated and embarrassed on Arafah, he is now even more determined to corrupt you now that you are no longer at Hajj. Just as you stoned the Shaytaan, keep in mind this significance when you are tempted or hearing his whisperings. Play over the pelting in your mind, and you can resist.

Stay Clean

On Arafah you have been purified, so be sure to keep in mind that your cleansed soul will recognise new mistakes and potential sins much easier. While Allah doesn’t expect you to remain in the way of Arafah, keep in mind that those who repent and return to Allah are the ‘best’ of the sinners. If you have a slip and accidentally sin, don’t forget to follow up and repent immediately. It is reported that the Prophet ṣallallāhu (عليه السلام) made Istighfar 100 times a day. Try to keep your slate as clean as possible Insha Allah.

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Protect or erase any sights and sounds which may corrupt your spirit and heart. Any indecent images or experience you may stumble upon, try to replace these sights by something better. Try reciting or listening to the Quran immediately and let the thoughts, music or sight be pushed out of your memory. Shaytaan uses your senses as a corruption gateway, so be sure to keep those gates shut and your guard up, ready with a spiritual eraser.

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