Islamic Tours and Choosing a Beautiful Destination: Istanbul

Istanbul Islamic Tour Package

If you wish to do an Islamic tour in Istambul, you still have until September of this year! Our amazing package deal includes six nights in the city with all transportation including air conditioning. You can go sightseeing, travel to Bursa, visit the Blue Mosque and the Museum of Islamic Art, and visit Topkapi Palace and St Sophia Museum.

Through our six-day itinerary, you’re sure to make the most out of your Islamic tour in Istanbul since day one:

Day 1: Getting to Istanbul

Our staff will make sure that you have safe and swift transportation to your hotel when you arrive in the city. Ensuring that you can either rest and recover or go sightseeing, you will have the rest of the day to organise your time the way you want.

Day 2: Visit the Blue Mosque and the Museum of Islamic Art

The beautiful Sultanahmet Mosque is your first stop in the tour. This 17th-century mosque is decorated with Iznik tiles to create the stunning design. Just as iconic and legendary, the Hippodrome is a stop you can’t miss. See where, in the Roman and Byzantine eras, chariot races took place. Afterwards, you can visit the Museum of Islamic Art or pray at Suleymaniye Mosque. Enjoy the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul to finish the day on a great note.

Day 3: Visit Topkapi Palace and St Sophia Museum and Travel to Edirne

The Topkapi Palace is an ideal stop in the morning, showcasing its assembly of museums with collections that Sultans collected over nearly five centuries. St Sophia is a Christian Basilica dating back to the 6th century and built by Constantine. It became a mosque during the reign of the Ottoman Empire and is presently a museum with a display of stunning mosaics.

Continue your tour by going to one of the Ottoman Empire’s former capitals: Edirne. With a wide number of mosques built with intricate designs, it provides the perfect background to enjoy while having a meal at one of the Hamam restaurants.

Day 4: Travel from Edirne to Bursa

You can see the ruins of an ancient palace of the Sultans with many gorgeous mosques, and visit one of the most important monuments: the Selimiye Mosque. Designed by Mimar Sinan, one of the most influential architects in Turkey, it was built in 1575 and it stands at 70.9 metres.

Additionally, you can see the Beyazit II Mosque dating to the same era, with a multitude of complex elements in its construction. Bursa will be your next stop – the Ottoman Empire’s capital before Edirne.

Day 5: Sightsee in Bursa

The green mosque, also called the ‘Jewel of Bursa’, is your first stop in the city. Stunning both inside and outside, you can also see the Green Mausoleum and join in on the afternoon pray at the grand (Ulu) Mosque.

Bedesten, or the Koza Han (Silk Producer’s Bazaar), and the covered bazaar are also lovely spots to spend some time in. Have a delicious meal at the Daruzziyafe restaurant, known for the finest Ottoman cuisine where once Sultan Murat II dined.

Day 6: Visit Cumalikizik

The old Turkish village of Cumalikizik is the first spot of the day, providing you sights of one of the best preserved Ottoman villages you can see. After you enjoy the traditional architecture and finish the tour, you will return to Istanbul and enjoy your last evening in Turkey by shopping or having a stroll with a Hamam “Turkish Bath”.

Day 7: Returning Home

On the last day, you will check out of your hotel and return home, taking with you lovely memories of a trip you will never forget. Should you wish to book a last-minute trip to Istanbul, make sure to get in touch with us and we’ll help you!