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december umrah package

Istanbul Islamic Tour November 2020

Istanbul Islamic Tour November 2020

Istanbul Islamic Tour Ever wondered about the great Ottoman Empire? This tour will no doubt reconnec More info
Historical Egypt, Nile Cruise Al-Aqsa Islamic Tour 2021

Historical Egypt, Nile Cruise Al-Aqsa Islamic Tour 2021

Egypt, Jerusalem
Historical Egypt, Nile Cruise Al-Aqsa Islamic Tour 2021 Egypt and Jerusalem  The tour Includes visit More info
China Islamic Tour June 2021

China Islamic Tour June 2021

The Prophet (SAW) said, “Seek knowledge even in China,”. Join us on this entrancing 9 da More info
Andalusia Islamic Heritage Tour 2021

Andalusia Islamic Heritage Tour 2021

Andalusia, Morocco
Andalusia Islamic Heritage Tour Discover Islamic Heritage in Andalusia, A unique opportunity to expe More info

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Hajj and Umrah Express

Islamic tours have become quite popular among the Muslim communities from all across the world. Be it Andalusia, Morocco, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Istanbul and many more – all these countries have a dignified charm for Islamic tours that attracts a lot of people to take Islamic tours in 2020. From the magnificent sites like Red Fort, Humayun’s tomb, Jama Masjid In India to great mosques of Istanbul and stunning tombs and beauty of huge mosques in Saudi Arabia – everything has its’ own charisma. More than this Hajj and Umrah packages are also quite in trend as the Muslim communities pay a visit in the holy month of Ramadan. We offer Hajj packages too at a great price for those who travel to Mecca during Ramadan. One would come across many other glimpses of the Islamic cities when you take up your next Islamic tour 2020.

Our Islamic tours and 3 holy mosques tour will give you a chance to delve deep into the world of Islam and learn about the era closely. These tours are designed perfectly to meet all the needs and cover a maximum of the historic mosques and places to visit. It is like you travel alongside the like-minded Muslims and mingle with them in an altogether new culture and destination. Considering this popularity and excitement we do organised Istanbul historical tour. In this tour, you visit and explore one of the oldest empires of its time – Ottoman Empire. Have you ever thought of exploring this empire connects you to with your ancestors? If not take this Istanbul historical tour with Hajj and Umrah Express and visit places of interest like – Blue Mosque, Ottoman palaces, the Grand Bazaar and many other places of historical spots and buildings that are a sign of the rich Islamic heritage.

If you are looking for best deals and discounts on Islamic Tours from London then reach out to our team with your needs and we will make it happen. Our Istanbul Historical tour is one of the best pilgrimage packages we offer that covers the entire history if Istanbul, lovely shopping areas, remarkable mosques and much other heritage building. We understand that brotherhood and love is the core of every nation thus, our tours do make a difference by making the like-minded people together in one city with great options of gelling around and hanging out together whilst exploring the culture.

We offer great options to render selective approaches and to make your trip comfortable and remarkable. We do offer tailor-made Islamic tours for our dedicated Muslim community and for others as well whosoever wish to have a certain specific itinerary, hotel stay, or food choices etc. We make all the arrangements form the flights, to local travel and offer same language guide for better communication and ease in travel. Our organised 3 holy mosque tour is liked by many travelers and we get a lot request for enhancing it more and increasing the number of days etc. which we do take care and try to bring up the best for them by covering all the major 3 spiritual mosques of their interests and comfort. Travelling with the like-minded Muslims gives you an opportunity to explore the history & culture of these Muslim’s lands and places. Feed your soul & enhance your knowledge, follow the footsteps left in time by your precursors in these Islamic lands.

We are one of the leading travel agency that offers all the variants of Hajj and Umrah packages blended with the Islamic torus at great prices. Our services are excellent which is a testimony of our hard work forms our loyal customer base. Since we have started the group of pilgrims have grown over the years and have made us proud of our work.


This was our first Hajj and an amazing experience and thank the staff for making this Hajj a pleasant trip.

Rehan Mujaddadi