Important Advice for Your Umrah Journey

So, you’ve booked your Umrah package and you are about to head out on your spiritual journey. Here’s some useful advice to bear in mind before you begin.

Learn about Umrah

Before you set off on your journey, learn everything you can about Umrah. Many books on Hajj contain chapters dedicated to Umrah and this can be a good reference source.

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Know the Rules of Ihram

Be sure that you are familiar with the rules of Ihram. Here are a couple:

  • You can’t use scented soap during Iram
  • Men are not permitted to cover their head with their Ihram

There are some useful notes on the rules of Ihram included in this lecture.

Barber Hygiene

When Umrah has finished, it is traditional for both men and women to cut their hair. Men should have their hair shaved completely, but the blade used by your barber must be brand new and should be disposed of afterwards.

Women should wait until they return to their hotel. Here you can remove your hijab in privacy and cut your hair.

Visiting the Rawdah

The best time to make a visit to the Rawdah in Madinah is in the evening. Although you can pray here at any time, it tends to be much busier during the daytime. A few hours after isha or a few hours before fajr, it’s much quieter and less packed, so you will be able to enjoy some peaceful reflection and prayer time.

Visiting the Sacred Sites in Madinah

Places such as Masjid Quba and Uhud are sites in Madinah that many travellers try to visit as part of Umrah. The best time to do so is between sunrise and Dhuhr prayer when it is quiet.

Keep in Touch with Home

You can call home for free if you use an app like MagicJack or Viber and connect via free hotel WiFi. Keep your phone on airplane mode and turn on your WiFi to avoid standard roaming charges. You can also use iMessaging to send free texts over WiFi, as long as your iPhone is still in airplane mode.

It’s a good idea to take copies of your passport and other important documents before you leave for Umrah and leave them with relatives at home, just in case the originals are mislaid while you are away.

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