How to Enjoy a Healthy Umrah

Every year, thousands of Muslims from all around the world take part in the spiritual pilgrimages of the Hajj and Umrah. This should be a Holy time for all pilgrims, but with so many people from diverse places in a small area, it’s important to look after your body as well as your soul while you are on pilgrimage. With that in mind, here are a few of the precautions you should take.


Some vaccinations are compulsory in order to get a visa for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These include Yellow Fever, Meningococcal Meningitis and Polio. Each requires a certificate of vaccination, and those whose Polio vaccination is more than 10 years old should get a booster.

Staying Comfortable

One of the biggest causes of injury to Umrah pilgrims is simply heat and sun damage. Many Muslims are residents of countries less extreme in temperature than Saudi Arabia, where temperatures can be higher than 40C in the summer and well over 30C even in winter. Pilgrims must remember to use sunscreen, pack plenty of water, and bring medication for risks of suffering from dehydration. This advice especially applies to the very old, infirm and very young, for whom seasonal illnesses like influenza can also be a health risk.

More serious illnesses are also found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as Rabies, Hepatitis B and MERS-CoV. While the risk of transmission of these illnesses remains very low, it is important that pilgrims remain vigilant for the symptoms, especially in crowded areas. Pilgrims should avoid shared or contaminated food where possible, and check all water sources to ensure they are clean. Those who suffer from kidney, liver or auto-immune diseases that make them more susceptible to illness should take extra precautions, such as more substantial programmes of vaccination.

Save Yourself the Stress with Umrah Packages

The vast majority of Umrah pilgrimages are happy, holy and safe experiences, but it never hurts to take extra precautions to ensure you and your family stay safe. If you require any more information about how Umrah packages could help reduce the stress from your spiritual journey, or if you require assistance with booking, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through our contact page.