How Many Rites Does Umrah Have?

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Umrah is an excursion that Muslims observe to cleanses one’s heart and soul from all the past committed sins. Performing Umrah is considered as one of the best deeds as it is a way of pleasing Allah (SWT). Muslims are advised to offer Umrah once in a lifetime because it acts as washing of sins and which also contains copious virtues. Performing Umrah saves from poverty as well and increases in wealth as well as health. In addition, if anyone passes away while offering Umrah then the reward set by Allah (SWT) for him/her in Jannah. In order to receive the great virtues of Umrah one must complete the rites of this minor pilgrimage in a correct way. There are 5 main rights of Umrah which are as follows:

1. Ihram:

There is a misconception related to the literal meaning of Ihram mostly people think it is a kind of dressing, men and women are obliged to wear. But originally Ihram is like entering a sacred state in which certain permissible things become forbidden on both men and women for a particular period. Ihram for men is different than for women like, men wear 2 sheets or piece of unsewn white cloth while women are allowed to wear stitched clothes they just have to conceal and not reveal the shape of their body. Whereas women’s hands and face remains uncovered.

2. Tawaf:

Circumambulation of Ka’ba is known as Tawaf. It is the second obligatory stage of Umrah and pilgrims are bound to take seven rounds in a counterclockwise direction of Ka’ba in Haram.

3. Prayer of Tawaf:

Performing two rak’ats of prayer behind Muqam-e-Ibrahim is obligatory on Muslims and these rak’ats are offered right after completing the circumambulation of Ka’ba.

4. Sa’y:

Sa’y is like walking or running between the hills of Safa and Marwa seven times after completing the prayer of Tawaf. Sa’y is a way to get close to Allah (SWT) although it is not obligatory but recommended to climb the mountains of Safa and Marwa. There are few things which make Sa’y invalid, like making more than 7 rounds and collecting or taking stones from Safa and Marwa.

5. Taqsir:

The fifth and final obligatory ritual of Umrah is Taqsir, which means cutting off the hair of the head almost equal to one joint of the finger and cutting nails. If the hair of the head is shorter than one joint of the finger then men are required to shave their heads.

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