Do I Need a Visa for Umrah?

Taking part in the Umrah is a privilege for any Muslim and involves a highly spiritual and important part of any good worshippers’ life. The journey takes in some of Saudi Arabia’s most important historical sites and requires significant organisation. Whether you are taking the trip for the first time or are just looking for some General advice before leaving for Umrah or Hajj then our professional travel services are ideal for your needs.

One of the most frequently asked questions for those organising their Umrah is how to make sure they have the right visa. The Saudi Arabian government asks that persons wishing to enter the country for this journey do not apply directly – they need to use an authorised agent. Talk to us about one of our Umrah packages and we’ll make it easy for you.

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The rules on who can get a visa recently changed but the basics remain the same. It is very important that all details are filled in and the correct information and forms are submitted. The requirements are as follows:

– A passport must be submitted alongside the application forms. This must have validity for at least seven months from the time of application.
– Applicants with a non-Muslim name will need to have verification from a mosque or religious centre that they are practising in the faith.
– Applications must be submitted with two passport-sized photos and the pose should be face-on.

Who Can Apply for an Umrah Visa?

Women under the age of 45 can complete the Umrah with a male mahram. Proof of relationship with the person they wish to take the journey with should be attached to their application. Women over 45 can complete the journey without that accompaniment, but they must travel in a group and submit proof their mahram does not object to their visit. Children under 18 will not be granted a visa without being accompanied by an elder.

Limitations on an Umrah Visa

Persons that have completed Umrah in the last six months will not be given another visa. Persons holding an Umrah visa are now only allowed (since 2017) to spend 14 days in Saudi Arabia and must exit the country by day 15 at the latest.

For more information and advice about organizing your Umrah trip contact us today and we will be happy to help.

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