How a daily routine according to Islam can help you become a better Muslim?


Muslims are extremely privileged because they have a perfect role model Prophet Mohammad (SAW) to follow. He was the only person whose life was recorded and in his lifespan followed by his companions lately by the Muslim Ummah. The way of living and deeds of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) are the Sunnah Muslims are obliged to follow. Today billions of Muslims follow in his footsteps in almost every aspect of their life to live a happy healthy life. He told Muslims how to dress, eat and live according to Allah’s (SWT) commands.

Prophet Mohammad (SAW) was a person who lived his life in a complete best manner. He taught Muslims several things like when to be up and how to start a day, eating and dressing manners, basic etiquettes and all in all he taught Muslims a complete code of conduct of life. Islam is a very well organized religion because of its creator Allah (SWT). There is not a single act of Islam which is against or dangerous for the human race. Allah (SWT) made Salah (prayer) mandatory on Muslims 5 times a day to bring harmony and balance in their lives because everyone has a unique life and schedule but Muslims having different schedules

What Muslims daily routine should be like?

A daily routine in Islam begins with a small prayer thanking Allah (SWT) for another new day, the dua is:

“All praise is for Allah who gave us life after having taken it from us and unto Him is the Resurrection.”

After reciting this dua make wadoo (ablution) then offer Fajr Salah (prayer) which is the primary thing Muslim does before starting their day.

Secondly, after Fajr Salah recites Qur’an it is okay to even recite few verses of Qur’an. After pleasing Allah (SWT) have a healthy breakfast, Allah (SWT) knows what is best for His creatures and has blessed plus provided us with all the nutritive and healthy dietary. The Prophet Mohammad (SAW) used to eat healthy food easily available to him like milk, olives, honey, olive oil, bread, dates and meats. It is better to consume natural food instead of processed food. Even after completing a meal one must be thankful to Allah (SWT). A person follows the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) with true intentions get a great reward.

It is important to start any of your work by saying “Bismillah hir-Rahman Nir-Raheem” whether you are having a meal or about to start your work. There are other 4 times to offer Salah these are:

Zuhr (ظهر) – After true noon

Asr (عصر) – Afternoon

Maghrib (مغرب) – After sunset

Isha (عشاء) – Dawn.

To become a better and a good Muslim it is very important to well plan a day. Complete all the chores at a particular time without delaying it and stay satisfied with the work you are is doing.  Pray all 5 prayers on their fixed times. Remember to be grateful to Allah (SWT) for all the consecrations he has blessed you with.

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