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If you are considering an Umrah pilgrimage, there are certain things you may want to take into account to make this the best possible individual experience.

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Plan Umrah Carefully

Emotionally, you may have a strong desire to carry out an individual ritual to reaffirm your faith, but it is a good idea to take time to create a feasible plan. Choose a time for your Umrah when you will be most calm and ready.

During your preparation time, learn as much as you can about Umrah and the ways you can make this journey as personally fulfilling as possible. There are even YouTube videos and phone apps to help you with this.

During your research, choose an Umrah package that includes all the travel and accommodation needs you have, seamlessly. It should be an Umrah package that gives you no reason for stress or distraction during your pilgrimage.

Familiar with the Rules of Ahram during Umrah

Take time to remind yourself of the religious observations and rituals you will need to adhere to. This can extend to the soap you use as well as the way you dress, of course, so it is recommended that you make sure that all the details are clear in your mind.

As men will not be permitted underwear, unless there is a medical condition which requires it, you need to make preparations for any health issues that may occur. Also, take an extra set of Ihram so you can remain fresh.

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Consider Umrah Companions

For many people, the best way to make the most of Umrah is to travel with companions of a like mind.

Companions can enrich the experience greatly, plus shared stories of your pilgrimage can be enjoyed on your return to the UK.

There are Umrah packages that cater especially for large groups or families. Finding the right Umrah package for your particular group can ensure that you have the right level of assistance that you all need and want.


Don’t Let Age be an Issue for Umrah

There is no reason to be concerned that you are either too young or too old for Umrah. When you arrive, you will see for yourself what an amazing, inclusive experience it is as all ages blend together.

When booking an Umrah package, find a length of stay and accommodation that may be most appropriate for your age group. Some hotels are quieter than others, and some are near shops and places to eat for younger pilgrims to enjoy.


Be Ready for the Heat during Umrah

The very hot weather should not deter you from booking an Umrah pilgrimage but you do need to be ready for it. This includes, for example, drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated during your visit.

For more information about Umrah packages to make this an experience of a lifetime, contact us at Hajj and Umrah Express.

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